Enaspol has obtained RSPO certification

At the end of this year, Enaspol GmbH obtained an RSPO certification in the model of Mass Balance (MB) as a manufacturer of surfactants, using fatty alcohols and fatty alcohols ethoxylated based on palm kernel oil.
Palm oil is considered as controversial raw material because it is closely linked to illegal deforestation of rainforests, thus contributing to the reduction of biodiversity The expansion of oil palms is thought to be a major cause of deforestation, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to growing international pressure, especially from consumers, producers and distributors, the palm oil industry has begun to change in the last few years. And because we care about the environment, we have become a part of the RSPO system. 
In 2008, the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil created rules that all members must follow if they would like to be a certified producer. The main criterion is that palm oil producers must not cut down or burn rainforests, must not endanger the local ecosystem and must not use pesticides. The aim of this certification is primarily the sustainability production, environmental protection, support for local workers and poverty reduction in the region. 
In 2020, we plan to extend this certification in the parent company in Velvety, where, in addition to SLES or SLS, we will be able to offer e.g. Lauramine oxide, sodium decyl sulfate, sodium octyl sulfate etc.
Check our progress at: https://rspo.org/members/4842
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